Reach your true potential  

Our team of expert health professionals will help you reach your potential by: 
Assessing 8 core aspects of your life: Biochemical, Physical, Emotional , Psychological, Nutritional, Relational, Spiritual & Lifestyle 
Creating a bespoke programme of naturopathic therapies, psychological interventions, other therapies and classes for 360° healthcare 
Empowering you to take control of your health and decide the level of care you need. We offer individual sessions and cost-effective care packages

Conditions we work with include: 

Addictions and Eating Disorders:  

Alcohol & Substance misuse, Gambling, Binge eating; Anorexia; Bulimia; Over and Underweight issues 

Anxiety & Depression:  

Anxiety; career anxiety; burn-out; depression; panic attacks; social anxiety; phobias; anger / self-harm; chronic stress; overwhelming emotions; low moods; lack of motivation / purpose 

Chronic physical conditions:  

Cancer support; digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, reflux & heartburn); fertility and miscarriage; heart conditions; high/low blood pressure; hormonal imbalance (skin problems, menopause, headaches, migraines); immune deficiencies (colds, flu, auto-immune deficiencies, chest infections); inflammation issues; sleep disorders (insomnia, restless sleep, sleep apnea); thyroid dysfunction. 

Personality and Emotional Disorders:  

ADHD; identity issues / self-esteem / self-confidence; isolation and loneliness; OCD; personality disorders; suicide ideation; relationships difficulties (feeling unloved, breakdown / divorce, feeling unsupported and disconnected) 

Complex Trauma  

Bereavement and loss; bullying; developmental trauma; adverse childhood experiences 

Our treatments include: 

Naturopathic therapies 

Naturopathic consultation; biochemical tests; herbal medicine and vitamins; nutritional medicine; testing (food intolerance, hormonal, DNA, vitamin and mineral screening). 

Psychological interventions: 

Psychiatric diagnostic; Psychological assessements; CBT;  
Psychotherapy & Counselling; Energy Psychology; Coaching, NLP 

Other therapies: 

Therapeutic massage; Reflexology, Reiki, TCM / Acupuncture 


Simply Be - a guided mindfulness and breathwork practice 
Restorative /Trauma Sensitive Yoga 


The Healthy Kitchen & Nutrition education (for cancer support, weight management, emotional eating, ageing well, and more); 
Befriending your nervous system;  
Sustaining mental and emotional resiliance 
Changing your habits 

To arrange a free 20-minute consultation please complete the confidential contact form  

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