The Centre for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction is a dedicated organization that focuses on promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse. With a deep commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities, we offer a range of services and programs aimed at addressing mental health challenges and creating a healthier society. 
Who We Are 
At the Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction, our team of professionals consists of psychologists, counselors, social workers, and addiction specialists who are passionate about making a positive impact on mental health. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide effective support and preventive measures to individuals and communities facing mental health concerns and addiction. 

Our Mission 

I am worried this lockdown has taken its tole on my mental health or that of my family? 
Why am I still feeling full of fear even though things seem to be more positive? 
I am worried I can seem to shake off these negative thoughts and feelings? 
I have tried my Doctor but I don’t want to go onto anti-depressants? 

Do you recognise any of the following experiences in your life today? 

Tension Headaches 
Upset Stomach 
Exaggerated menopausal symptoms 
Heart palpitations 
Racing and negative thoughts 
Constantly tired 
Comfort eating 
Loss of appetite 
Feeling overwhelmed 
Grinding your teeth 
These are all signs of Anxiety and Depression and if caught earlier enough are treatable but it is important not to wait until they become debilitating. 

Begin by booking on to our Mindfulness course. 

April is Stress Awareness month and we are offering our 6-week Mindfulness based Stress Reduction course for only £125 (usually £250). 
The first session starts on Saturday 17th April at 10am to 11.30 and is led by Dr Mihaela Zdrali and Dr Adilla Khan, both highly qualified psychologists and they will guide you though the hour and a half over the privacy of a zoom call, so in the comfort of your own home. 

Simply Be  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course  

Starting 17th April 2021 
10am - 11.30am 

Look at what Intendent experts are saying about the use of Mindfulness 

NICE has been recommending Mindfulness as a preventative practice for people who have repeated episodes of depression since 2004 and this excellent report by The Mindfulness Initiative in 2019 supports our approach to using Mindfulness as part of our treatment program. 

Finding the right team of people to treat you. 

The Bodymind Centre was founded by Dr Mihaela Zdrali, a registered psychologist with The Health and Care Professionals Council and she has surrounded herself with a team of highly trained and qualified health professionals. Each person carefully chosen to create a 360-degree care plan for your health and wellbeing.  

We treat the whole patient not just the symptom 

Your GP only has a short period of time to provide you with a quick medical solution to the symptom you are presenting and, in most cases, this will be a prescription, which you will take to your chemist and the start to take orally or apply onto your body. This may or may not fix the problem you presented with, but its unlikely to fix the reason you became unwell in the first instance. 

What does treating the whole person look like? 

At the Bodymind Centre we take a balanced look at you as an individual, thought a sequenced approach, this means we don’t miss any aspect of your emotional, physical and spiritual health, we do this though a review of 8 core areas: 
Biochemical – Are you functioning at your optimum level? 
Physical –How do we get you to feel fantastic? 
Emotional – Are there things that need to be said? 
Psychological – Are the secrets that need to be shared? 
Nutritional – We are what you eat, a full review of your food intake! 
Relational – Who are you spending your time with? 
Spiritual – Do you have inner peace? 
Lifestyle – Are you living a full life? 

Start by booking onto our 20-minute free consultation now 

Book a free 20-minute introduction and start a new conversation about taking control of your health and wellbeing. 

Why is it so important to treat the cause rather than the symptom? 

A good example is with our teeth, we go to the dentist and get the cavity drilled out and then filled, we scrape off the plaque and we whiten our teeth, imagine if we took a cause approach to our teeth, we would reduce the sugar we eat in our diet and that would prevent the cavity in the first place. 
At The Bodymind Centre we help you to take a preventative approach to all aspects of your health. 

Review what you are eating 

During the month of April we are offering huge discount on our Food Intolerance Testing, giving you a report on the foods you should be avoiding in your diet, with our expert Dr Caroline Longmore and find out how to immediately improve your food choices. 
If you would like to find out more about our approach please explore our how we work page. 
Alternatively, if you feel ready to take some control back on your life contact us today for your first 20 mins free consultation. 
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