Your Life in Balance "The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand: if you want to know how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand." - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen We take a systems-approach to understanding disease and symptoms and tracing the root cause of dysfunction in the bodymind system.  

We seek to balance 8 core aspects of your functionality. 

Naturopathic Support 

Naturopathic Consultation 
Testing: Food intolerance, Hormonal, DNA, Vitamin & Mineral Screening 
Herbal Medicine 
TCM / Acupuncture  

Psychological Interventions 

Psychotherapy & Counselling 
Coaching & NLP 
Energy Psychology & EFT 

Other Therapies 

Therapeutic Massage 

Weekly Classes 

Simply Be - Mindfulness Practice 
Simply Exhale - Breathing Class 
Trauma-sensitive Yoga  

Our assessment and treatments focus on eight core areas of life: 


We consider your biochemical and hereditary makeup and provide a bundle of testing for hormones, blood and DNA, food intolerance, etc. to establish a picture of particular functional imbalances. 


Enjoying physical self-expression, increasing aerobic capacity, being more flexible and developing a good posture supports our ability to relax, let go of tensions in muscles, our sleep, our sexuality and increase resilience in dealing with stressful situations. 


We are born with innate needs for love and belonging, feeling safe, and valued. Often, we struggle if such unconscious needs are not met throughout childhood and/or in adulthood, leading to emotional imbalances and unhealthy behaviours. Often physical symptoms are triggered by unexpressed emotions: tension headaches, heart palpitations, skin conditions, digestive problems. Also, mental issues such as negative thinking or anxieties may be the result of unexpressed emotions. 


The mind is constantly evaluating information received from the external environment (our surroundings and people) as well as information from the internal world of our body. There is an imbalance when we are not able to mediate between the two: our mind seems focused only on external environment, although we can only make changes and control our internal reactions. Equally an over emphasis on internal processes may create an inability to think and act flexibly and creatively according to reality, but misinterpret bodily sensations and information as unsafe. 


More and more we are becoming conscious that food shoud be our first medicine. Food is nourishing to our body and mind, it is the fuel supply for the body's necessary elements for regeneration and continued growth, for energy and for keeping fit and active, and for supporting the body’s detoxification process (getting rid of toxins and other harmful elements in our organism). 


What do we want from our closest relationships and are we getting it? Generally we all desire loving relationships with ourselves and others. But in reality most of us struggle to develop a sense of identity, get stuck in unhealthy relationships and painful realities that leave us feeling more and more disconnected from ourselves and the others.  
"Friendship with one’s self is all important, because without it one can not be friends with anyone else in the world". Eleanor Roosevelt 


We may all face a point where we have to chose to carry on on automatic pilot or to search for our true self, which is connect to our inner wisdom. We begin exploring our core beliefs, we seek purpose, meaning and authenticity in our life, to regain joy, vitality and connection to life’s force. Spiritual growth and nourishment of self opens our ability to give back and be involved in our community, caring about the world around us, harmonising our relationship with nature and surrounding environment. 


Do you live in a home and work environment that gives you energy and satisfaction? Often our physical and emotional health concerns are intricately connected with an unhealthy lifestyle. Becoming aware of the systems and structures within which we live our lives empowers us to make conscious choice to reconnect with our true sense of self, nature and community. Thus living with a sense of belonging, shared values and positively connecting to family, friends and community. 
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