Christmas is usually a fun time, but also stressful. The misconception about stress is that is unmanageable. However humans are built to deal with stress on a daily basis, but when we experience an overwhelming state of stress it most likely means that we have a chronic state of emotional dysregulation. Emotional regulation is the ability to experience our emotional ups and downs within a manageable range, if not our mind-body system may be stuck in a fight/flight/freeze response to even the slightest stressor. That is to say our emotional/mental tolerance window is very narrow as we may be dealing with the footprints of trauma. J.H.Harvey (1990) says trauma survivors have symptoms instead of memories such as: *Loss of interest *Irritability *Depression *Self destructive behaviours *Generalized anxiety *Panic attacks *Insomnia *Addictions.  
Strategies for surviving Christmas stress are abundant on social media and awareness, meditation, breathing techniques, exercise are all great advise, however if you struggle with a low tolerance to stressors you may have accumulated low-grade chronic stress for years. This means you may experience temporary relief however you are stuck living in the 'survival mode' of trauma. Healing trauma doesn't happen overnight and without awareness, a mind-body approach and trauma-focused professional support.  
Give yourself the gift of health next year!  
If you or loved ones need our professional psychological help, please contact us.  
From all of us at the Bodymind Centre, wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and abundant New Year! 
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